friday update #8

Here we are, another weekend is beginning today!  Let's kick off this weekend with a Friday Update!  This week I have done some decorating in my guest bedroom.  Mostly because my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were in town and I wanted the room at least partly done when they came.  Now, this room isn't even remotely what the wheels spinning in my head say it could be.  Though, I'm not displeased with how it is coming along.

Come on in, put your feel up, sit a spell...just don't mess up my house!  I have more guests coming this weekend!

Let's begin with what you see when you walk in the door...this view has changed quite a bit...

You may remember what the window looked like when we moved in (take a gander and refresh your memory HERE).  The bike is a new addition, it is my husbands and he wanted to keep it inside while he was away.  I made the valance (that I fall more and more in love with each day!) using stitch witchery...no sewing, only ironing!  Check out how I did it HERE.  I also whipped up those curtains using one flat twin size sheet and some stitch witchery (read more HERE). I just love how they look together!

Next, take a look at my FREE ART!

Well, the frames weren't free....just the art inside the frames.  Check out how I made it HERE.

I wish so much that this wasn't a rental apartment to that I could paint the walls.  My vision for this wall is to finish it off with something linear either above or below the row of framed art.  I have no idea just yet what that might be; I am just keeping my eyes open all the time!

Now the rest of the room hasn't changed really at all...just the addition of my hubby's University of Tennessee blanket blanket.  It's more just a reminder of him for now...I know that it doesn't match AT ALL!!

I'm still loving that luggage rack I whipped up in 45 minutes.  Check out how I did it HERE.  Trust me, it is the simplest thing but makes such a statement to guests.  It says 'welcome, I care about your comfort and want to make this enjoyable for you'.  Unlike the last thing I had there...my vacuum!

There you have it.  Our guest room.  I hope you got some inspiration from something you saw.  Have any ideas as to what I could do in this room?  I would LOVE to hear them!  I always love reading all your comments!  I hope you have a marvelous weekend!

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