one a day keeps the worries away

As I have mentioned before, my husband is away with the military.  Even before he left I got a countdown app on my phone and counted down the days until he left.

Once he left, I moved onto counting down until I get to fly to Texas and kiss and hug and love on my soldier!!

I mentioned my little countdown on Facebook.  Don't worry I'm not one of those who put the number of days to go EVERY day on my status!  Just from time to time, really.  Well, a friend commented on my post with an absolutely fabulous idea for a countdown and I wanted to share it with you.

My friend Kara (who has her own blog, check it out here) commented and told me what her mom used to do when she and her brother were younger and their dad was away with the Navy.  I thought it was genius and knew that I had to do it also...plus, it involved candy!  Hello?  You don't have to tell me twice to buy candy for me to eat!

She said that her mom would put Hershey's Kisses in a dish, one for each day their dad would be gone.  Each day they got to eat one kiss.  Then, they were able to visually see how much time was left before Dad got home.

Now, I'm not a chocolate fan.  I know, I know...what's wrong with you?  Are you crazy?  You're not a real woman!  I've heard it all.  I can't help it...sugary candies are what makes my mouth water!  So, I went out and got some Sweet Tart Chicks, Ducks and Bunnies (the Easter Sweet Tarts...my all time favorite)!  I found a plain, glass vase I had on hand (think I got it at the Dollar Tree) and put in the number of days I had left to go.  You could really use just about any candy...jelly beans would work great, too.

Each day I eat one Sweet Tart and I'm down to 33 days!  I love this idea for a countdown.  What a clever Momma Kara has!

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