thrifty thursday #7

I wanted some art for my guest bedroom.  However, my funding was right at zero dollars and zero cents.  I wanted to get something on the walls before my Mother-in-law came this weekend.  I had to come up with something...and quick.

Finally, after much thought and deliberation a light bulb went off.  I stopped at Home Depot on my way home from church and got my supplies.  My total cost...NOTHING!  That's right, you read correctly; nothing.  No, I didn't get any discount...not even a five finger discount.

I did however, have to pay out for the frames for my project.  Though, I didn't mind paying for those because they are something that I can use and reuse.  Plus, I only spent $18 on the frames...doing a whole art project for under $20 is pretty good in my book.  Also, if you  had some old frames lying around the house you could always just spray paint them and get the same effect!  Your costs could be much lower than mine...you could WIN!

Here's how I did it:

What you need:
Paint chips (LOTS of them) in your choice of colors
Plain white (or any color you choose, really) printer paper
Glue stick

What to do:

First I went to Home Depot and stocked up on paint chips.  I wast the one looking at all the shades of navy blue and reds.  I grabbed a few of each sample.  I got all shades of dark blue all the way up to lighter blues and then threw in some red for good measure.  You can choose whatever colors you want, though!

Next, I cut up the paint chips.  There was no rhyme or reason to how this is done.  Just snip away!

My original plan was to have four 8x10 pictures.  That changed a little later on.  However, I still completed the project as if was still using the 8x10 frames.  I cut down the computer paper to 8x10 then started gluing the chips on.  This is the part that takes a little bit of time.  Just sit at your coffee table, turn on Prison Break (Netflix is my weakness) and it'll be done in no time!

See, now was that so bad?  Here is where the plan changed.  I went to Wal Mart and got four 8x10 frames for only $3 each and planned on painting them silver.  However, the ones I got the backs wouldn't come off so that I could get the glass out to paint.  They looked terrible in the frames as they were...so I went back to Wal mart to figure something out!  I knew I wanted silver frames  but they didn't have 8x10 silver frames that weren't out of my price range.  I settled from some 4x6 frames.  I chose three different styles, some had mats and some didn't.  I wound up getting six frames rather than four.  Each of these frames were only $3 as well.  My total cost was $18.

I got home and cut the pages down to size.  I wound up only needed two of the four sheets.  I am planning on using the rest for another little project.  I then had the dilemma of deciding whether to hang them in a line or in a cluster.  I decided on the line and am quite happy with the outcome.

Be sure to check back this week for the Friday Update to see what the room now looks like with this art in place!  I will give you a little sneak peak

Ok, that's it...no more!  You'll just have to wait until Friday for the rest of the room reveal!


  1. I love this idea! I am into free art!!! The best thing is it looks great!


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