shopping spree for free

I told you about a site called MyPoints not too long ago.  MyPoints is a site that awards you points for shopping online at common stores like Target, Kohl's, Vera Bradley and SO much more.  You rack up the points and then redeem them for gift cards that they mail directly to you!

I did some of my Christmas shopping through MyPoints, sent some Valentine gifts and even a birthday gift through the site.  Last week I traded in my points and my rewards came in the mail today! $50 in gift cards!  That's right, I simply bought things I already was going to purchase and took an occasional survey and was rewarded with a shopping spree for me!

Are you interested yet?  You should be!  I love this site and it's completely free!  To sign up simply visit www.MyPoints.com and create an account to being getting rewarded.  Though, if you'd  like extra points, email me (mrspeluyera@gmail.com) with your name and email address and I will 'invite' you to join.  When you join through that link both you and I will be rewarded an extra 750 points!

What are you waiting for?  Get your account started today and join me in a shopping spree for free!

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