best $1.99 EVER

My wonderful hubby surprised me before he left for his Basic Training for the Air Force with an iPhone.  I've been wanting one for a LoOoOoOoOoOong time and now that I have it...I LOVE IT!

I, of course got the essentials like angry birds, FaceBook, Twitter, Words with Friends and such.  Though, I really wanted to start keeping track of our spending and budgeting better.  So, I started searching in the app store and found quite a few.  I wound up just picking one...I know, risky move!  My favorite part is that it only costs $1.99!  Score!

It is called ExpenSense and it is pretty much the best $1.99 I have EVER spent.

It is SUPER simply to input your account information.  You see, my husband and I have an account together and then I have another account that I've had since I was born and we have a credit card.  Each account has a checking and a savings account...so, we've got a lot to keep track of.  I was able to put all of the accounts in individually.  It then calculates our total amount as well as keeps track of each individual account.

You can then add expenses, income and transfers.  You also choose which specific account the money goes into or comes out of.  You then can choose exactly what category the expense comes from as well as a sub-category and even add notes.

The categories and sub-categories are all customizable as well as the cute little picture that goes along with it.  You can add in reoccurring expenses, incomes and transfers, as well.  You can also set a password that must be entered before the app opens, for security.

The app also gives you graphs charting your spending trends as well as monthly expenses. 

This little dandy is like the best checkbook ever...no math to do and it's so simply to but information in anytime, anywhere!  I HIGHLY recommend this sweet little app to all you sweet bloggies lucky enough to be rockin' an iPhone!

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