thrifty thursday

Last week I started Friday Updates and I really like that it gives me direction in writing and motivation in crafting.  So, let's start another series.

This one will be called Thrifty Thursday and will be about my thrift store/dollar store/from the trash finds and how I use/reuse/re-purpose them!  My husband and I absolutely LOVE going to thrift stores and we're suckers for all things even remotely vintage.

I've been looking for a specific item and WE FOUND IT!  Check out how I transformed it into something spectacular!

I love chandeliers and especially the painted ones I've been seeing everywhere lately.  I love how feminine and funky they are while still having a vintage vibe...I think I just described myself.  So, I've been on the lookout for one...and the hubby and I found one that fit our bill!

With just a little spray paint we turned this...

into THIS!...

(please, please...hold your applause until the end!)

We picked up that 80's hunk-o-junk from a local thrift store for only $20...and it worked!  Be sure to test out any lights you are buying before you purchase them.  Most thrift stores will have an outlet designated for that purpose.

I picked up some Krylon spray paint in Bahama Blue and gave that hunk-o-junk a new life...a better one...a prettier one.  Check back Monday for the complete tutorial on how I did just that.

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