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I showed you the changes to my craft room this past week on Friday update.  Now it's time to show you how I made that magnificent (not-so-)little memo board.

I knew I would need something that could house all of my inspiration and papers in my craft room.  I just wanted something that would be pretty and personalized to do it.  I knew right away that I would need a memo board of some type.  I have made memo boards before and they are SO simple.

The hardest part of this project was finding the right fabric...and frame, I'm quite picky about my frames!

I found this awesome frame at a thrift store.  It came with a picture inside, which I used for the backing.  I picked this baby up for a grand total of $2!

I removed the picture from the frame and covered it in batting and fabric.  For more detailed instructions on this, check out the tutorial on how I made my jewelry holder.  Look at this GORGEOUS fabric I got my hand on.  It's from Wal-Mart and a half yard costs me less than $5.

I spray painted the frame in Krylon Fusion Spray in Khaki.  I allowed the frame to dry while I finished the board.

To attach the ribbon I turned the fabric covered picture upside down.  I stapled one end of the ribbon to one side of the board.  I then stretched it tight and stapled it to the other side of the board.

Don't think that you have to keep the ribbon in some sort of patter.  I really like the scattered and random lines thrown over this very classic pattern.  However, if you want to keep your ribbon in straight lines by all means, carry on!

I then put my board with the ribbon attached back into the frame.

Now I was ready to hang it on the wall.  I'm so happy with the outcome of this board.  It's HUGE, just like I wanted it.

Why yes, that would be a picture of my hubby and I on our wedding day!

That awesome picture was taken my Lauren Mason over at Piccadilly Pictures!


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  2. Such a great idea!

    Linking this up with us made the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop better and more special. Thank you!


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