I am SO SO excited to share this news with you.  I've been busting at the seams to run and tell the whole world over the past week.
A few weeks ago we had a missionary come and speak at our church.  The missionaries, JJ and Melissa Alderman are a young couple with a vision to reach the people of Togo, West Africa.  They are working towards building a camp for the youth called Togo Palms.  You can find out more about their efforts at www.togopalms.org.
This past week we had a leader in our church deliver the message and he introduced our church to our newest missions project.  JJ and Melissa were able to purchase 25 acres of land for their camp recently.  The next step is to build on the land.  Our church is sponsoring the building for one cabin.  That will cost $10,000.
Instantly, I knew I needed to do something to help in raising the support.  After praying about it, the Lord kind of smacked me in the forehead and said "duh!"  Here's the big news...(drum roll please)

On February 1, 2011 I am going to open an online boutique.  It will be called Simply Unique Boutique.  I will be selling the kinds of things I've showed you how to make here on this blog.  All of the profits from the sale of these items will go straight to helping out with Togo Palms.  So I am begging you, all of you sweet bloggies out there to head on over to my website www.wix.com/mrspeluyera/simplyuniqueboutique, check it out AND spread the word.  The store will open February 1st for purchases...I am still crafting up a storm over here.  Though, check out the details and the cause.

Also, if you have a blog or a website, feel free to use my button.  I will have a direct link to the store on this blog.  I've created a Facebook fan page as well.  Be sure to 'like' the page and pass the news along!

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