on break

I have some seemingly bad news my sweet bloggies.  Two weeks ago in church my pastor proposed to our church that we fast for 21 days.  Some people are doing the Daniel fast, where you only eat fruit and vegetables.  However, others are simply choosing something that they 'can't live without' and fasting from that.  Instantly God laid on my  heart exactly what I needed to fast from...this blog.
Now, it's not because this blog is a bad thing or that I don't completely and utterly love every one of you bloggies.  The purpose of a fast is to get closer to the Lord and this blog is one thing that takes up A LOT of my day and my thoughts.  So starting today, for 21 days I will not be posting or compulsively checking my view stats and looking up new projects and thinking what my next post could be about.  It will most certainly be HARD as all get out but, I know the Lord will satisfy me more than I could ever desire.
I love you my sweet, faithful bloggies and will miss you dearly.  Don't forget about me!
See you Valentine's Day!

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