Hey bloggies!  Here I am, once again apologizing for letting you down...I know how poorly your day goes when you don't get to read my ramblings!
I promise, I have a good excuse!  Well, you see...I have this little dream on being an event and wedding planner and coordinator.  Today, I did my first wedding as a day-of-coordinator.  How exciting!  I just wanted to share a few pics with you, because I am so doggone excited about it!

For ceremony was held at The University Club in downtown Jacksonville.  The rather swanky club is on the 27th floor of the Riverplace Tower and looks out over the city.  It was a beautiful!

The florists did a beautiful job on the table arrangements!

The wedding was just in time to see the sunset and then the city lights came on!

See that, I'm a vendor!  Oh yeah!

Oh yeah, I went to Michael's last night and used up all my gift card, all my coupons and then some!  I have a project that I will be doing tomorrow when I get home from church.  Don't you give up on me just yet my faithful bloggies...I've still got a whole lot of craft in me!

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