my appologies

Hey my faithful bloggies ( I hope you don't mind being called that ).  I'm sorry that I've not been putting up too many in depth posts this week.  It's been SUPER busy at work, it's been some late night...well, early mornings as I work at night.  I've not gotten home until close to 2am all week and I've just been sleeping in and doing a whole lot of nothing.  I know, it's a terrible way to start off the New Year but what can I say.
However, starting today I have two days off and then work should get back to normal for me...clearing up my schedule for more creating!  I have a gift card to Michael's to spend and my coupons in hand!

Also, I've had so many of you sweet readers tell me how much you enjoy reading my blog and it just makes my heart smile.  Thank you so much for reading my ramblings so faithfully!  Y'all are the best...ever...of all time.

I also kind of wanted to ask you bloggies for some help.  I have some projects that I know I will be starting soon, and different things I want to tackle.  However, I was wondering if there was anything that you out there in cyberspace wanted to see?  Is there something that just stumps you, or something that you would like to see?  If ever there is or you do, just shoot me an email ( click here ) or leave a comment here.

Also, I have a sweet reader in South Africa named Ruth (sister of my coworker, Bethany who is pictured with me to the left on a freezing cold night, yes...it does get cold in Florida!) who would like me to start on some Valentine crafts.  Fret not little Ruthie, I have some that I've been waiting since summer to do!  I'm just still reeling with the fact that Christmas is actually over, it's quite a sad way to start off the year with putting away all the joyful decorations.  However, the season of love is almost upon us and I love it! (love, love...get it?!)

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