rrrruffles have rrrrridges

By the way...I love those chips!

I shared with you my newest creation, my apron with my fabric flowers on it yesterday.  I added a ruffle to the bottom of my apron and wanted to share with you just how I did it.

First I took a scrap of fabric twice the length of what I wanted it to be when finished.  I was using it for my apron which was 20 inches long so, I cut a piece of fabric that was 40 inches long.  If you want a SUPER tight ruffle, go with a longer piece.

I then sewed a hem down one side of the fabric.  This will be the bottom of the ruffle.  I was attaching my ruffle to the skirt, so I didn't need to hem both sides.

I then hemmed the two ends of the fabric.

Next, I set my sewing machine on the biggest stitch setting.  Remember, a stitch is just a straight line...I forgot that and wound up having the take the whole thing out and redo it...ugh!

All righty, here is the ruffling part...take one of the threads hanging out of the end of the fabric and pull.  I had to scrunch, pull, tug, bribe...but, I got to it!  I just scrunched it up shorter than I knew I wanted it and then pulled it back out to exactly the right size.

To attach to my apron, I only sewed up three sides of the skirt portion of my apron.  I used the open end as my bottom and tucked the unhemmed side of the ruffle in and pinned it in place.

I then just sewed straight down the bottom of my apron to attach the ruffle and close off the apron.  There it is...the easiest ruffle EVER!

Go HERE to see the finished apron, I am kind of, sort of, probably completely in love with it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the ruffle you added to your mom's apron :D


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