a breakthrough

Remember the Kahlua Coffee Cocoa Cheesecake I shared with you?  Well, if you'll recall I could not find espresso powder, as the recipe called for.  Well, I have good news...we found a better substitute.  I used the espresso ground coffee brewed as a liquid one time (check out that post here) and that worked well but this solution is closer to the original.
We were at Winn Dixie (we love their buy one get one deals) and my husband found his espresso coffee in instant coffee form.  He uses Cafe Bustello and I know nothing about coffee but, he says it's a stronger, better one.
I used that this time in place of the espresso powder and he loved it!  I mean, he ate five cheesecake cupcakes in the three hours before we went to work.  Just wanted to share my little find with my faithful bloggies!
Oh, and if you wonder why I always make my cheesecake in cupcake form, it's because I do not have a spring form pan yet.  I am planning on getting one sometime with a 40% off coupon but, just haven't yet.

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