blossom - episode 2

Yesterday I shared with you a no sew fabric flower (which I LOVE and probably will be obsessed with and make quite often)!  Today I am going to show you a different type of fabric flower that requires VERY VERY minimal sewing.  Honestly, it requires a needle and thread...come on, you can handle that.

These flowers can be made as big or as small as you want.  You can glue a pin to the back or a hair clip, or even attach it to a headband for a super cute look.  Use them as embellishments on different projects.  Just add them everywhere!

You will start off with the same materials you did for the no sew flower (cut your fabric into circles) and just add to that list a needle and thread.  Cut one smaller circle of a thick fabric for the base.

Start off by taking your fabric (the fabric I chose was printed on one side and I wanted the printed side to show most, so I started off with the printed side down)  Fold the circle in half, then half again.

Now, position the point of the petal in the center of the base.  Stitch from the bottom of the base through the point of the petal.  Stitch back down through the point of the petal and the base.

Continue doing this with the remaining petals.  I did three different fabrics and decided to layer each one separately.  You can mix the patterns up, keep it all simple...do what ever you want!

Once you have all your petals on, cut a small circle out of a coordinating fabric and stitch it onto place in the center of your layered petals.

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