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The new year is upon us and a resolution that so many people make is to be more organized.  That is one resolution that I could probably stand to make...just ask my husband!  It's not that I don't have plans or ideas on how to be more organized, it's more that my plans involve buying things and I haven't been able to figure out a cheaper way to make them happen!
So, I decided to spend the night trying my best to sort through most of my junk and organize what I decide is most important to keep.  I am trying to come up with ways to keep the costs down and spend as little as possible.
I started with the Christmas decorations...so sad to see them come down.  Being our first year together, we had no storage solution for these goodies.  I ran to Wal-Mart and bought a standard plastic tub, I got a 58 qt one...one of the smaller ones, it was only about $5.  However, if you have oodles and oodles of things to store, you may want to get a bigger tub!  I packed away the decorations and labeled them.

To label them I used markers, index cards and packing tape.  I wrote 'Christmas Decorations' twice on one card then cut the card in half.  One label is for the side of the box and one is for the lid.  I used the packing tape to completely cover the labels, this is important, especially if you are planning to store the tubs outside.  I chose not to write directly on the tub just in case I decide to use it for something else later down the road.  I also wanted to write a list of exactly what was inside the box, this will come in handy when looking for something specific later on.  To get the bubbles out of the tape use a credit card or something like it to rub the length of the strip of tape.  I used a Dave and Busters Card...it's what was closest to me!

I then moved on to m craft supplies...my husband was quite appreciative of this!  I sorted out what I had and actually found some stuff that I had forgotten I had..score!  I had three tubs to use so I sorted my supplies into three categories: floral, fabric and craft supplies.  Whatever you are organizing first you need to decide how many tubs you have room for and what size.  Then comes the hard part...you can only keep what you have room for!  Eeeeek...I know, it's not easy in the least bit but, that's part of organizing.
I'm so excited to start the year off right, with things all in order...well, with some things all in order!  My husband appreciates that I can now see all in one place how much craft stuff I have...he's hoping maybe I won't buy much more.  He's got high hopes.

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