All over blogland I have seen different women making adorable crafts with super cute little fabric flowers all over them.  I love love love the fabric flowers.  As you know, from my flower hair clip tutorial...I'm kind of addicted to big flowers.  Lord knows, when I have a child (quite a ways down the road) my little girls will have huge flowers attached to their heads almost constantly!
I love that these flowers can be attached to anything.  You can attach a pin or a clip to the back of these flowers and use them in a million and a half different ways.  Or, just simply stitch them right on to a project to add some pizazz!
Well, I found a super simply tutorial over at Little Miss Momma on how to make these no sew flowers.  I followed it and am SO pleased with the outcome.  I used three different kinds of fabric on my flower, you can use more or less...anything you want!

 First, cut out circles from your desired fabric(s).  These circle do not have to be exact in any way shape of form.  How many circle you will need depends on how full you want your flower to be.  Be sure to cut a smaller circle out of a thick fabric to act as your base.

Next, take one circle and scrunch it up by grabbing the center.

Dap hot glue on the scrunched tip of the petal and glue it to the middle of the base you cut out earlier

Continue doing this and filling it the base with the other circle you have cut out. 

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