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Ok, I subscribe to a blog called the Freebie Junkie.  She posts about free products and coupon codes and such well, she had written some posts about codes for Disney Movie Rewards.  I always ignored them because I didn't really know what it was.  Today i got curious and looked to see what it was.  Hello, it's a place where you get points for buying Disney movies and watching them in theaters.  With the points you can buy Disney merchandise.  I just started today and haven't bought one thing just found some codes online and I have 350 points!

Here's how you do it:

Sign up for a free DMR (Disney Movie Rewards) account here.

Enter these codes to redeem points:
cool - 50 points
9EKSMN38SH - 50 points
FPSNN83JX9 - 25 points
9FTMRYWEK - 50 points
D11M20R01NY - 50 points
I did a little survey they had on the site and got 100 points
I completed my profile for my account and was awarded another 25 points.

How super easy is that?  I will be sure you keep you updated on any more codes I come into contact with.  If you have any codes you would like to share, you can email them to me or just leave a comment on this post with the code.

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