friday update #3

Well, Hello there Friday...so nice of you to drop in...must be time for a Friday Update!  This week's room reveal is....(drum roll, please)....the guest bedroom!

When looking for a new apartment, we KNEW we needed a guest bedroom.  With most all of our family and friend out of town, we needed somewhere to keep 'em when they drop in.  Our last apartment's 'guest room' was a futon in a 'cubby' of the living room...not so welcoming!

I am so happy to announce that anyone who comes to stay with us will now have a WHOLE room rather than a corner.  So come on in, tour our guest bedroom...
Let's start with walking in the door...

Well Helloooo bright green chair!  I know, I know...it doesn't match at all but, that's completely okay, right?!  I mean, it is full of college memories.  (oh goodness, now I sound like some man trying to keep a ratty college tshirt)  However, in my defense...I do plan on making a slip cover for it.  I know, I know...huge endeavor here, and I am quite nervous about it but, I can do it! Right?!
Oh, and please don't look at or ask about those curtains gone wrong.  I had this great idea in my head but, when it came to life it was NOT so great...those will be fixed...eventually!
That little box, it's full of my husband's gun cleaning crap...stuff.  I don't mind the steamer trunk so much, it's just that I can't really do much with it.  Maybe I'll come up with something...side table?

*whistle* look at that bedspread!  Would you believe it costs only $20 at Ross?!  I knew I wanted to do the room in navy and white and this bedspread was dead on!  I picked up some sheets from Wal-Mart and threw them on our captains bed we bought from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.
That lamp is a left over from the old apartment...no over head lighting means we use what we have.  I'm thinking it needs to be replaced with a nightstand...maybe white washed or even crackled and a great lamp on top with a custom shade...you feelin' it?
Oh, lookie there...my DIY luggage rack for my beloved guests!
That little red dandy there, she's our vacuum cleaner...we like to give our guests subtle hints that their stay isn't free!

Oh look, a blank wall!  What can I do?  I actually got some paint chip thingies from Home Depot in navy and blues and plan on cutting it up to make an art piece.  I am hoping to mimic the design on the bedspread...we'll see how that works out!
The vacuum will hopefully be replaced with a dresser.  With no real linen closet, having the extra storage would be a HUGE blessing.  I see maybe a whitewashed and distressed dresser with some funky draw pulls and maybe even a distressed design on it...hmmm....it's got me thinking!

Since I'm showing you everything...here's the closet!  Yeah, it's kind of the catch all for the stuff we don't know what to do with!

Well, there you have it...our guest bedroom!  Hope you enjoy it...I'm excited to actually finish it...so many projects. YAY!

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