trip of love - day one

As you know, this weekend I was in San Antonio to attend my husband's graduation from the Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT).  It was one of the absolute greatest experiences of my life...followed by one of the most heartbreaking goodbyes.

My parents and I met my mother-in-law in San Antonio on Wednesday night.  We hit up Wal-Mart, ate dinner and went to our hotel.  We woke up SUPER early the next morning...MORE than ready to set our eyes upon the man we had missed so bad for eight weeks.

We got on base around 7 am and waited for the events to start.  First up was the 'Airman's Run', where the graduates run past us (we are on either side of a blocked off street) and then turn around and run past again...this is our very first glimpse of the Airmen we love so much.  I started tearing up when the first flight (that is what they call the groups they are broken down into) came by, I was SO relieved to know that my husband was there and so was I...I was going to see him with my own eyes again.  I saw the red shirts of his flight coming closer and closer and I just kept on crying while pointing and saying "There he is.  There is Matt.  He's right there." I almost forgot to snap a picture...almost.

He is the one in front of the row that is farthest right.  Oh, what a relief it was when I saw him.

Next the Airmen went to shower and change into their dress blues (that sweet looking blue outfit that Airmen always look so good in at formal functions).  We went and found our seats in the bleachers.  Luckily, Matt thought to tell me where he would be standing so that we could get a good seat.  Boy, did we!  We got front row seats RIGHT in front of him (who was in the front as well!)

The Airmen received their Airman's coin and recited the Airman's Code. 

After the ceremony we (the audience of wives, mothers, girlfriends, husbands, brothers, sisters, fathers and such) were instructed to go get our Airmen...and, that I did!

Afterwards we were able to spend the rest of the day on base with him.  We shopped around a bit and finally decided on Philly Cheese Steaks for lunch.  We got them to-go and sat at a park to eat.  It was so phenomenal to be sitting right next to my husband and hearing his voice and being able to just be with him!

We messed around the rest of the day, visiting a museum and just hanging out.

It was one of the best days of my life.  Being to hug and love on my husband after eight weeks of only talking to him once a week for fifteen minutes was indescribable.  The best part was knowing that I was going to see him again the next day!

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  1. Congratulations to your husband! I'm so happy for you guys! Technical school is a TON better! Just wait and see, my husband has already been in it for seven weeks, and it has gone by so fast!


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