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Happy Birthday to...yours truly!! (that's me!!)  That's right...on this day twenty four years ago my parents birthed a perfect child!!  Ha ha ha ha...my mom is laughing out loud right now.  This year I am celebrating my birthday by whipping up some goodies for my best friend bridal shower, babysitting for my church and then heading down to Orlando.  Why to Orlando you ask?  Well, because IN ONE WEEK I WILL SEE MY HUSBAND!!!  Can you tell I'm excited?  One week from today I will FINALLY be able to wrap my arms around my one true love.  In case you don't know, he is in Basic Training for the Air Force and has been gone for two months.  I get one 15 minutes phone call a week and FINALLY got to see his face when the BMT Facebook page posted his flight photo.

Look at good lookin' bunch of men...wondering which one is mine?  He's the one in front, far right.  That's my sweet hubby, the almost Airman!  Isn't he handsome?! (I know you're all shaking your head 'yes'!!)
Let me just add that he is in the front because he is an element leader, which means he is a leader within his flight.  I am SO stinkin' proud of my man and CAN NOT wait to see him in person!  Don't you worry, I am sure there will be some pics posted here and there of his graduation and all of the ceremonies!

Next up, the giveaway I hosted.  Due to the overwhelming response (complete and total sarcasm) it took a little while to choose a winner from the ONE entry!  So, Tiffany...congratulations, you are now the proud owner of one free Feschetta pizza coupon and a bamboo cutting board.  I'll Facebook you when I get back in town and we can meet up to give it to you!!

Lastly, my apologies and condolences for not posting very much at all over the past week here on the blog.  As I said before, I am working on a lot of bridal shower stuff and I can't reveal it until AFTER the shower...it's kind of a surprise for my BFF!  She knows it is happening just not anything about it...she asked for it to be that way!  I'm telling you, I have some tutorials for you all coming up next week.  Oh, Thrifty Thursday and Friday Update will be postponed until further notice seeing as how I won't even be home for about two weeks!  Though, don't you worry...I have plenty of projects to complete while in Orlando and plenty of tutorials to post from my endeavors over the last few weeks.

Thank you so much sweet bloggies for being to faithful, I know I'm a bit scatter-brained and all!!

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  1. Happy Birtday, to you! I hope that you have a wonderful week and enjoy your time with your hunny!



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