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Last summer, for my wedding I decided that I wanted to use tissue paper flowers as decorations.  I watched a tutorial online and whipped up about 20 or so with the help of my sister and mom.  They were SO easy to make and were so stinkin' cute when hung up!  I loved these simply and SO inexpensive decorations.  When it came time to plan my best friends bridal shower, I knew jut the thing for a fun POP of color!

What you need:
1 package of tissue paper (per flower)
1 paper clip (per flower)
Fishing line (or clear monofillament)

What to do:

Choose the colors you want your tissue paper flowers to be.  I chose orange and ivory for my wedding.  I chose yellow and white for the bridal shower.  One standard pack of tissue paper will make one flower.  I  bought ten packs of tissue paper.  Each pack only cost me $1 at Wal-Mart and Target!

Open one pack of tissue paper and lay it out flat.  Do not separate the sheets of paper.

Begin folding the stack of tissue paper like a fan on one of the longer two sides.

These folds do not have to be perfect...just make sure they aren't HUGE!

Once you have your whole pack of tissue paper rolled up like a fan, secure the folds by wrapped a stretched out paper clip around the middle.

For a frillier look, round the two ends of the tissue paper stick you just created.  You can do this with kitchen scissors!

Lay the 'stick' on it's side and fan out the two sides...it should look like a huge bow tie now!

Carefully separate each layer of tissue paper one by one.  This is the 'fluffing' stage.  Keep playing with the layers to make them more or less fluffy.  Be careful not to rip the delicate layers of tissue paper.  Be sure to separate the layers all the way to the paper clip, so that the center doesn't show.

Next, thread the fishing line between the paper clip and the tissue paper and cut it to a desired length.  This is the string with which to hang your beautiful new flowers!

You can hang your flowers in groupings or randomly across the room.  We even took a few and hung them on the wall!

What a simple and inexpensive way to add pops of color all over a room!

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