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For smaller scale parties (baby showers, bridal showers, anniversary parties) I always want to do something special...I mean, these aren't your everyday birthday party.  Though, as you know my goal is always to spend as little as possible without it looking like I did so!

When my bridesmaids and my mom threw my bridal shower last summer they invited me to help decorate the night before.  Some may see this as odd...I LOVED it.  Sitting at home knowing that they were decorating something and that I couldn't be a part of it would have KILLED me!!  They came up with an idea that I think is just absolutely genus!  I used this same idea in the decorating for my best friends bridal shower...trust me, you're going to LOVE it....and love the price tag!

What you need:
Patterned scrapbook paper - one sheet per guest in colors coordinating to the theme
Solid color tablecloths - one per table.
Clear, plastic plates
Silverware rolled in your choice of colored napkin, tied with ribbon

What to do:
The colors we used for the bridal shower were yellow, white and a wee little bit of green thrown in there.  We were going for a very light, springtime feel.  We decided upon white tablecloths.  We got the plastic kind from the party store.  You are more than welcome to use cloth ones...we just wanted a quick and easy clean up!  We held the party at the church, in the fellowship hall.  They have round tables...so that is what we used!

I found some patterned scrapbook paper in our color scheme.  I needed 40 sheets of paper.  Now, if you have even shopped for scrapbook paper you know that that stuff  doesn't come cheap!  Here's a little secret to keep in mind...watch for the sales and don't buy them all at once or in one place.  Michael's had a sale on week of 5 for $1 I believe.  Then JoAnn's had a sale another week with 6 for .95!  I didn't want all the paper to match exactly, just to coordinate!

We covered the table with the tablecloths and then put one piece of scrapbook paper at each place.  We did not turn them on an angle...I tried it and it didn't look good on the round tables.  However, on a rectangular table I would have turned the 'place mats' on an angle for a unique look.  We made sure to alternate the pattern and the color, so that no two the same were next to each other.

We then put one clear, plastic plate at each place.  We chose to use clear so that he pattern of the paper would show through.  You could easily use a colored plate if you wanted to.  We then layed out the rolled silverware.  Rolling silverware takes a little bit of time but, makes such an impact for so little money!

We then placed our super inexpensive centerpieces in the the center with some sunflowers around and it was finished!  Voile...one simple, inexpensive yet oh so stunning table setting!  We also put the favors (bags of yellow candies) on each plate.

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