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My best friend, Leslie has a favorite flower...SUNFLOWERS!  However, I could not find any sunflowers that I liked enough to use as centerpieces.  I was quite stumped and honestly...panicked!  I knew that I needed something in the center of the tables, I just had no idea what.

Last summer, my bridesmaids (my older sister and Leslie) bought some glasses from Ikea that we used as vases for the centerpieces at both mine and my older sisters bridal showers.  I wanted to use the glasses but, once again could not find flowers to suit my fancy.  Then, about two days before the shower I had an idea...a great one, too!

I ran down to JoAnn's and picked up a package of 20 small dowel rods (wooden sticks) and a package of 24 mini clothes pins.  I stopped at Wal-Mart and got some super glue and black spray paint.  The total cost of my materials was under $10 and the outcome was quite dandy!

What you need:
small, wooden dowls
small clothespins
super glue
spray paint (I chose black, use whatever color you like)
Old sheet or towel to spray paint on

What to do:

Lay out the dowels and clothespins out on the towel or blanket in a well ventilated area

Spray paint the dowels and clothespins.  I had to spray one side and let it dry then turn them over to get the other side.  It took a few coats and turning to get them all covered completely.  I chose black, to match the wedding decorations...any color would work, though.

Next I glued the clothespins onto the dowels rods.  Be sure to glue the clip so that it opens upwards when you glue the clothespin on the end of the rod.  I found some cute little flowers to attach to the picture clips to add some pizazz!!

We put three in each glass with some tissue paper that had been shredded.  Thanks to Leslie's sister-in-law and my little sister for playing with the tissue paper and getting it just right!  We used their engagement pictures to clip on in there...and they are SO stinkin' cah-you-t!

I was eventually able to find some sunflowers that I liked and pulled the heads off the stem.  We placed three around each vase with some leaves.  I couldn't be happier with the outcome of our centerpieces.  They kept with the simply and light feeling we were going for while still being functional as picture holders!  The best part, I gave them all to Leslie and she could easily use them in her own home, sticking them into flower arrangements and all sorts of things!

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