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Yesterday I showed you how I frosted the cupcakes for Leslie's bridal shower.  Today, I'm going to spill my secret for the toppers! 

I'm not even kidding you...this is the simplest thing EVER and we got so many compliments on them yet, I didn't feel the least bit guilty when it came time to throw them away! 

They were super inexpensive, too! SCORE!  We made about thirty of them in under twenty minutes.  DOUBLE SCORE!  We also had some supplies left over to use for the picture clips.  TRIPLE SCORE!  The total price of it all...under $7!  HOME RUN!!

What you need:
Stickers, embellishments, scraps of paper
Scotch tape

What to do:

I found a package of flower embellishments at Wal-Mart that I really liked and that matched our color scheme well.  Each pack had 20 flowers in it, I bought two and used the left overs for the picture holder centerpieces.  Each package was only $3 and the toothpicks were $.98 for a billion and a half (or 250)!

I opened the package and the flowers had a small sticky circle on the back to attach to paper.  This little bitty toothpick was NOT going to stay on!  I cut a small piece of scotch tape and attached the toothpick to the back of the flower embellishment.  The tape did not show from the front because of the multiple layers of petals.

Ta da!  Now, this technique worked for the larger flowers.  The smaller ones however, would not cooperate quite as well.  I had some scraps of paper left over from making the invitations for the shower.

I attached the smaller flowers to a piece of paper and then cut it down to size.

I then attached the toothpick to the back with scotch tape, as well.

I then stuck one toothpick topper in each cupcake and there you have it..some fancy cupcakes in no time.

You could easily use this technique for ANY theme.  For a child's birthday party you could use stickers of princesses or pirates or superheros!  When using stickers you could wedge the toothpick between two stickers.  When all the cupcakes are together it really does make an impact.  It looks like a million bucks...but only cost us $5!

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