friday update #4

My husband left this week for his Basic Training and Technical School for the Air Force.  He will be gone for about seven months.  I told him that when he comes back, the whole house will probably look completely different due to my decorating ADD!  Sorry I've been a little slow on posting, it's been quite hectic getting used to being without him

This week, I am going to show you our master bedroom...it's not done (like all the other rooms) but it's well on the way.  I actually JUST saw a project that will definitely be done in there.
Let's start with what you see when you enter the room

Not too shabby, eh?  I just wish this was our house rather than a rental apartment so that we could paint the walls!

We used the same window treatments we did in our last apartment.  Those curtains would be made from flat sheets (see how to here) and the valance is done with hot glue (check out how I did it here)!  That awesome dresser hidden under all that junk..we love it, we got it at an thrift furniture store, the drawer pulls were awful brass...nothing a little brushed nickel spray paint can't fix!  That fan...with all it's ugliness is not there anymore.  My husband always used it at night, I don't really like it!  And come on...who doesn't love that classy piggy bank there on the floor?

Now onto the bed...

(angels singing) what a wonderful bed!  We were so blessed to get that bed completely for free!  The bedding (from Target) was a wedding gift from my parents.  I really wanted some color in this room and went with some standard pillow cases from Wal-Mart, on clearance!  The 'head board' situation isn't ideal, but I did the best with what I had.  Ideally, I would have painted a strip of a deep orange on the wall behind the bed...but, I don't want to have to paint it back.  I may try it out with some fabric that could be easily tacked to the wall and them removed.
Those nightstands are actually those organizational things you see in Wal Mart and Target.  I got them for college and they are the perfect height.  My husband and I have looked everywhere for nightstands that are even remotely the right height and have come up with nothing!  My plan is to sand, prime and paint them  black then get those fabric baskets in red and orange to use for storage.  There are lamps on those night stands, they look SUPER bright in this picture!

There we go, out $13 lamps from Wal-Mart!  I may eventually add a ribbon of color around the shade but, I'm not sure.  We're going for a more modern look in here which means not to frilly!!

Alas, onto our second dresser...and the mess we haven't put away yet!

Yeah...that pile has only gotten better with our weekend of traveling and my husband's packing and everything else!  My husband put our second dresser (from Craigslist) there and I don't think I like it...we'll just have to see.  I took these pictures about a week ago, before we traveled and the room was clean.  Before my sweet hubby left, he hung up my jewelry holder (see how I made it here) on the empty wall.  What a great guy!

You get a quick peek into our bathroom, too!

Now, the most important part...the closet!

Yeah, it's a mess.  Those clothes in bags on the floor are to donate or sell to consignment, so they will be gone...eventually.  The layout of the closet it really odd...it's going to take some creativity.  I had nowhere to put my bags...so I did this...

A whole wall of bags...what girl wouldn't love it?

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