let there be light

This week, I am SO excited to share with you my thrifty find!  I have seen painted chandeliers all over the internet and blogs and magazines and I have coveted every single one.  I absolutely love the funky, vintage, feminine look they have.

I told my husband of my plans to put one in our bedroom and he was not as thrilled as I was.  We compromised and decided to put on in the living room with higher ceiling and more of a need for light.

We found a few different ones that I liked the shape of, but...they were a bit heavy.  If you are in a house, that probably would not be an issue...but, we're in an apartment...an older apartment...so, we took that into consideration...not wanting to create a skylight.

 We finally found one that we could both agree on.  Now, let me tell you...when we bought it, the thing grossed me out with how ugly is was!  It was reflective, shiny, straight out of '82 brass (I just threw up a little).

Though, I was going to change that! (Yes, that is a random hinge left by the previous occupants on our porch)  Now, the hardest decision yet came...what color to paint the chandelier...

I chose Krylon spray paint in Bahama Sea and picked up a can of Krylon primer while I was at it.  Once I got home, I laid out a towel to paint on...I should have gotten a bigger towel!  I first covered the light in a coat of primer.  This took a little while.  I had to wait for the paint to dry, reposition the chandelier and get all the rest of the spots.  If you have someway to hang the light up while painting, it would probably be much easier.

Be sure to get all the nooks...

And crannies...turn it upside down if you have to!  It's crazy how many details you realize when the metal isn't blinding you.

Once your primer is all dry, begin painting with the color of your choice.  This is the stage where I get impatient because I see just how AWESOME it's going to look and want to get it hung up right away...don't be like me.  Take your time and be sure to coat the light thoroughly.  We weren't using the light bulbs that came with the chandelier, so I just left them in to protect the electrical goodies.  BE SURE to cover the electrical stuff when spray painting!

Let your paint dry and have install it (or...let your magnificently wonderful husband install it!)

We paid $20 for the chandelier (a little pricey, if you ask me) and about $6 for the spray paint.  So, for less than $30 we have a whole new five bulb light fixture...try going to Home Depot and doing that!


  1. Really nice. Thanks for the tips. I have found the chandelier (in my grandma's attic) and I'm waiting for warmer days to paint it. I'm both very excited and worried (I don't want to ruin the whole thing), so I'm always glad to read how people did it. Yours is just gorgeous...now!

  2. That looks really cool!

    I recently discovered the joys of spray paint. Nothing in my home is safe now.


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