thrifty thursday #2

What time is it?

TOOL TIME...uh, I mean Thrifty Thursday!

My husband and I hit the thrift sores and picked up a few things and even transformed one!

Last week we headed to our favorite thrift store to peruse the isles and see what goodies we could find.  We stumbled upon some beauties!  I spotted this gorgeous wine box, lying on the floor under a rack full of clothes for $5.

 The lid slides up and come completely off.  The strip of wood on the left upper corner is a little broken but, it adds character and I like it!

I just love love LOVE the design on the lid.  I mean, I don't even drink wine and I am drooling over this thing!  I haven't quite decided how I am going to use this just yet...I have a few different ideas going through my head.  However, when I figure it out, you will be the first to know!

I have been wanting to make a luggage holder for our guest room, since those who come to stay most likely would have luggage (maybe some baggage too...but don't leave that here!).  I just thought it would add a hotel-esque feel.  I initially thought I could use an old tv tray...my husband shot that idea down. Darn him and his logical thinking!! (I kid...he's the BEST)  Though, he found quite the gem!  He spotted this directors chair and checked it out and concluded it would work wonderfully for my luggage rack project!

Here is the before:
It did have a fabric piece that made the back...but it fell off and I didn't bother to put it back.

Here is the after:

Click here for a tutorial on how I did it!  I'm telling you....this is a 45 minute project!!

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