friday update #2

Time for another update on the rooms in our apartment.  Last week I shared with you out guest bathroom (completed only because we used stuff we already had from our previous apartment).  From here on out...don't expect such great looking rooms....just yet!!

This week I am sharing with you the room that I have been MOST excited about for the past few months...my craft room.

Since there are no amazing things in this room just yet, I am going to share with you my plans for the space.

Let's start with what you see when you first enter the room:

My makeshift sewing/craft table...covered in stuff but, at least I got my printer set up and some stuff on the shelf!  First, I want to put some drapes up on those windows, poor things are naked as a jaybird!  I saw some burlap curtains recently and I loved how the looked.  My plan is to pick up some burlap from Wal-Mart and whip some up.  I also plan on moving my table over under the other window and clear it off...it's become a landing zone for junk that I haven't found a spot for!

This would be the excess crap that wouldn't fit in the closet area...sorry for the blurry pic, didn't notice until now.  All of that stuff will hopefully eventually fit in the closet...hopefully.  I would LOVE to get a tall dresser to fix up and put in this area which would house all of my little bits and pieces and goodies.

Now do you understand why the that junk isn't in here?!  I have an extra hanging rod I got while in college, I plan on hanging all my fabrics up.  That way I can see what I have, and save some floor space which I am hoping to use for some sort of shelving something or another.  I want to use baskets in here, for easy access and visibility.

Here's the other side of the closet...doesn't look any better!

Here we have my LEAST favorite thing EVER!  A futon...this futon...this ugly futon...this ugly futon that WILL be finding it's way on Craigslist soon!  Though, we've got it, and it had to go somewhere!  Eventually, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to put another work surface over here.  I tend to jump from project to project and need space to do that! Those doors are from our laundry closet, living in an older apartment, they didn't quite plan for amazing front loading washers.

Oh, and that stand lamp is not my favorite but it's functional because we have NO overhead lighting in the bedrooms.  That picture hiding behind those knock-off Ansel Adams (that will also be heading to Craigslist) is my favorite lady of all...Audrey Hepburn.  I plan on taking cues from that picture for the color scheme of the room...so, be sure to check back often to see what I've done!

And you can see our babies...our new washer and dryer!  We did not have this luxury in our last apartment and it was awful!

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