storybooks revisited

I love the idea of reclaiming old items.  The outcome is always something unique and has so much more value and interest than most things store bought.  I was inspired by a show I was watching to write this post.  Now, I haven't done any of these projects...yet.  I have a small apartment and just don't have space to display everything I would like to create!  However, I do plan on doing these projects sometime.  Christmas is coming up and I am actually thinking of using some as inexpensive gifts for friends and family.

So here it is, a few ideas on how to reuse old books.
1. Turn the Artwork intp Artwork
        Find an old book with great pictures and frame them.  This would work wonderfully with an old storybook in a child's room or nursery.  Books are readily available at thrift stores as well as used book stores.  You could look for photography books or art books to add to a more grown-up space.  Simply take the book apart, cut the picture down to size and frame.  Now, frames are not the most inexpensive item out there.  Though, considering the price of artwork, it's a nice alternative.  Shop sales, use coupons and don't be afraid to rummage into every thrift store you find!  You could find a great, ornate used frame and spray paint it to match your decor.  Use a photo mat for a for classic look or no frame for a more modern feel.  

2. Furniture Face Lift
      Have an old end table that you can't stand the sight of?  Coffee table top looking a bit dingy?  Use pages from a book to recover it.  You could just paint the furniture, but why not add some more interest?  Even if you only cover the top, it is sure to add dimension and personality.  Simply sand the piece down so that the items will hold better.  Then place the pages as desired onto the surface.  Use Modge Podge (or make your own for cheaper) to coat the page.  This will keep it in place and put a protective, shiny finish over top.  Use a paint brush or a foam brush to apply.

3. Background Music
      Cover a plain artists canvas with sheet music or pages from a book in the same way you did with the furniture.  Take your favorite picture and have it printed out.  You can use any size canvas you would like.  I would suggest a smaller size, so that it can be easily displayed.  Also, the price of printing out larger photos and get steep.  Once your canvas is covered, apply the picture to the center (or off center if you wish) using the same technique.  Or, for something less permanent use double sided tape so that you can change out the photo regularly.  If you've covered the sides of the canvas, it is ready to hang.  Or, craft stores sell pre-made frames to fit canvases that can be spray painted to a desired color or just left as they are.

I looked on the internet and found some other projects that were a bit trickier than these.  Enjoy, get inspired, create!!

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