decor gone door hanger

without ribbon hanger
My husband's last name begins with a P, and I wanted to incorporate our monogram and such into our wedding decor.  I was looking at pictures of weddings at the same venue as ours and came across a wedding that had a detail I loved!  To create my masterpiece, I first purchased a large paper mâché letter P from JoAnns.  They were actually on sale, so I was quite pleased with myself!  Also, almost every week in the Sunday paper, Joanns has a sales flyer with a 40% off any regular priced item...SCORE!  I then bought a bag of moss.  I never knew there were so many different types of moss, it was quite overwhelming at first.  I took a deep breath and weighed my options.  I wound up buying a roll of moss in a sheet form.  That sounds odd, I know.  I bought one bag for about $12 but, if I would have had my coupon with me I could have gotten 40% off...unscore for me.  I took my new found goodies home and began working.  I unrolled the moss sheet and cut it to size.  I then sprayed glue on to the letter and attached the moss, wrapping it around the edges.  It did take some piecing to cover the whole letter.  All-in-all it took me less than a half hour to cover the entire letter.  I also had some silk flowers left over from other wedding crafts, so I positioned them on the letter and hot glued them into place.  I used some clear coat spray paint and sprayed the whole letter down, just to be safe.  I just wanted to make sure the little moss bits didn't fall off!  
I then took ribbon and made a hanger.  I found some heavy duty magnets in the arts and craft department of Wal-Mart, they are small and round, almost like an oversized watch battery and came in a pack of three.  I used all three magnets hot glued to the back of the hanger...that puppy didn't budge!  I could have gotten away with two magnets though, rather be safe than sorry!
I now use the letter as a door decoration.  We have a metal door so the crazy super magnets work perfectly!  When the time comes around to hang a Christmas wreath (which my husband and I are already gawking at in stores...we LOVE Christmastime!), I'm not sure what I will do with my prized P.  Maybe I will come up with a marvelous storage solution and write a little post about it...maybe not.

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