one wall made the difference

My husband and I are renting an apartment right now which means all white walls.  I really loathe white walls when in excess.  We have an upstairs apartment which means we have nice, high, vaulted ceilings!  This feature that I love so much means a lot of high, white walls. Bleh!  I had had enough of the over abundance of boring in my apartment.  No matter what I tried, I couldn't get over ALL the white.  I begged and bartered with my then fiance to let me paint the walls.  His draw back was that we were renting and would be eventually leaving the apartment.  That would mean we would have to paint the walls back white. (I shudder at the thought).  We made a compromise.  I could paint one wall, any wall I wanted!  I chose the wall with the most surface area, to get as much color as possible.  We were out running errands when we came to this conclusion and I talked him into going to get the paint that day.  We finally chose a color called 'grounded'.  How perfect for us!  Now, the picture with this post is one from over three months ago.  Our living room has changed some, I've added more and changed a lot.  Those pictures will come up as I write about different project.  I hope my wall does something to inspire someone.

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