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 Photo by Lauren Mason, Piccadilly Pictures
I am a 23 year old, newly married college graduate with a love of design.  Now, I didn't say I had talent or anything that serious, just a passion.  I am constantly coming up with ideas of things to make, paint, sew, build, recover!  My magnificent husband is wonderfully supportive in all of my endeavors.  Though, he's quite opinionated!  As you might have imagined, we don't have marvelous, high-paying jobs with which we make oodles of money to be able to go out and buy a whole new room whenever we'd like. Nope, I'm at part-time job making minimum wage and my husband is a server (actually, a quite talented one) at a local chain-restaurant and also works part-time as a security guard.  Don't get me wrong, we are comfortable where we are now.  We love our 'starting out place' and wouldn't trade it for anything.  What newlywed couple gets the blessing of working the same hours so as to have all day to spend together at home?  I'll tell you who, us!  My goal in decorating 'our first place', a 600 square-foot, one bedroom, one bath apartment in Jacksonville, FL is DO IT CHEAP! (cheap being the price not the quality, of course)  I am constantly on the look out for things to re-purpose and reuse.  I'm proud of what we've got so far and excited for the ideas in my head to come to life.  This blog will mainly be me sharing my projects with anyone who would like to read.  Hope you enjoy and just maybe even be inspired to create something marvelous of your own!

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