Goals Scrambled. Outcome: Scrabble!

So....remember those goals I set back in January?  I did so well on meeting my January and February goal!  Check out my Barbie Birthday Cake and Lumpia.  I know that my March goal was to make a flowerpot jewelry holder but...I kind of skipped ahead.  I jumped on down to my June goal of making scrabble tile throw pillows.  With good reason!

My husband's best friend is getting married...TODAY!  We drove from Florida up to Northern Virgina for the special day.  I knew that I wanted to make the couple something rather than buy it...I'm that kind of gal.

I just knew the scrabble tile pillows I keep seeing all over Pinterest would be the perfect little gift for this funky fun couple.

Here's how I did it...

What you need:

Fabric for the pillow (I used burlap and made mine about 6 inches by 6 inches)
Fabric Paint
Freezer Paper
Blade to cut Freezer Paper Stencil
Sewing machine (or you could hand stitch if you want)
Poly-fill (pillow filling)

What to do:

First, cut the fabric for the pillows.  Rather than sewing on four sides, I made my pillow from one piece of fabric and sewed on three sides.  This made my fabric pieces 12 inches by 6 inches

Next, create your stencil.  I just used Microsoft Word to create the stencil.  Both letters, the number values and the ampersand all fit onto one sheet of paper.  Follow the process HERE to make the freezer paper stencil

Stencil on the letters and number values to the fabric and let dry.

Sew shut two whole sides of the pillow (inside out), leave a small space on the third to stuff

Turn the pillow right side out and stuff with filling

Hand stitch the opening closed

There you have it...some cute little scrabble tile pillows!  Enjoy!

Don't really feel like making these little dandies but love them so much you just can't live without them? You're in luck!  These customizable pillows are for sale in my Etsy shop!  Check it out!

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