embriodery hoop art

We've recently moved into a new place and we got to paint the walls...ALL the walls!  Our landlord agreed to pay for the paint (the place needed a fresh coat) if my husband and I would paint the walls.

We jumped on that chance and chose Sherwin Williams 'Blonde' for most all of the walls.  Though, for the kitchen we went with Sherwin Williams Nurture Green.  I loved it so much that I decided to do an accent wall in the bedroom in it.  I love love love how it looks with our orange bedspread (picked up on clearance for $45 at Target).

There is a soffit above the bed and I knew that I wanted to put some sort of art on that wall.  We do not have a bed frame, so a headboard wasn't going to work plus I didn't want anything too bulky.  I remembered some simple art I saw on pinterest.  I absolutely love how it turned out...here's how I did it...

What you need:
Embroidery hoops in varying sizes
Scrap pieces of fabric, in sizes big enough to fit into the hoops

What to do:
I got embroidery hoops from JoAnn Fabrics.  They ranged from under $1 to just about $2 I believe.  Be sure to sign up on their website to receive coupons, you can get one for a percentage off your entire purchase every once in a while.

The hoop will have two round wooden circles, one smaller than  the other.  Take the two circle apart and lay the smaller of the two on your work surface, lay the first piece of fabric over the smaller hoop

Place the larger of the two hoops on top of the fabric and press down so that the fabric is now squeezed between the two hoops.

You may need to loosen the larger of the two hoops by using the little twistee thingie up top (yeah...nothing but technical terms here!)

Once you have the fabric between the two hoops tighten the twistee thignie so it's a snug fit.  Snip off the excess fabric from around the hoop.

...and there you go, one sweet little piece of art. 

One down, as many more as you want to go!

I just used standard thumbtacks to hang my art on the wall.  That sweet guy in the pictures, that's my puppy Gus...he likes them too!

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