Lumpia: revisited

If you recall, my first attempt at lumpia wasn't exactly a success.  Yeah, the hubby and brother-in-law gobbled them up like they were going out of style.  Though, they just weren't pretty and I wasn't quite satisfied with the outcome.

I wouldn't quite until I felt as though I had conquered it and by golly...I did!!

Here's how I did it...

First, I got the correct wrappers...lumpia wrappers NOT spring roll skins!  I did have to go to an Asian supermarket for these but, it wasn't really out of the way.  The box of about 50 wrappers only cost about $4.00.  Note: they were in the frozen section...I had no idea!

We got the wrappers home and I began my work...I cooked the filling the exact same way as before. (CHECK IT OUT)  I did however add more cabbage to the mix...my hubby said the ratio wasn't quite right the first time.

I then pulled the wrappers apart.  They are SUPER thin...the first one I rolled was probably quadruple wrapped because I didn't realize the wrappers were so thin!

I layed the wrapper flat and spooned some filling on one side in a straight line.

I rolled the wrapper tightly around the meat one full time

I then folded over one side of the roll onto itself

I then folded over the other side of the roll onto itself, this keeps the meat from falling out!

I finished rolling the lumpia and then sealed with a light brushing of beaten egg on the end

After posting on Facebook about my less than success, a few friend gave some advice.  They told me to freeze the lumpia before frying it.  I asked no questions and rolled as much lumpia as I had meat and put those puppies in he freezer!

After about 30 minutes or so...my hubby couldn't wait ANY longer...we fried the lumpia.  They turned out just right!

Now that I've conquered the basics of lumpia...we're going to experiment!

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