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If you recall, I am NOT a fan of all white walls.  It just about kills me to look at!  Well, we're moving and apartment complexes don't really customize wall colors.  Today we got the keys to our new apartment (YAY) and tomorrow we are moving (half-hearted yay).  So tonight, while the apartment is still empty, I went over and tackled those walls (well, wall).  I told you about how I painted my living room wall in our current apartment.  We had a good bit of that paint left over...and I LOVE the color.  So, the living room wall got a coat of the ever so glorious Behr paint in Grounded and it looks oh, so good!
Just thought I'd share a few pictures with you and show you how I did it.

First, I 'cut in'.  This is simply getting all those tricky edges.  I use an angle brush (a brush with angles bristles rather than ones that go straight across).  I get right to the baseboards and into the corners then right up to the roof.  Normal people use painters tape, the awesome  blue tape that stops the paint from bleeding and peels off super easy...but, I didn't.  I took all the plate covers off in the area to be painted. I then painted right up to the edge of the sockets.  Now, my cutting in on the baseboards is not exactly my best work...but furniture will be in front of it!  Next comes the fun part...rolling in all the big open areas!  For this you'll need a roller, roller cover and roller tray.  Pour the paint into the tray.  Put the roller cover on the roller and dip into the paint!  Now you're ready to slap that baby on the wall!  I had to do two coats on the wall because my color was a little dark...and I was covering bright white walls!
I started painting at about 5:00 and the sun was GONE by about 6:00!  I had to grab some lamps and strategically place them for ample lighting.  The wall is finished (except for that little bitty corner...my mom is bringing me a taller ladder tomorrow) and I can't wait to see our stuff in the room.  I have some AWESOME ideas for what I'm going to do in there.  I absolutely CAN'T wait to share with you all what I've got up my sleeve!  Here's a picture of what my wall looks like I saved the SUPER high corner that I couldn't reach for my hubby,!!) oh, and my Craigslist shag rug too!

I left before taking a picture of the finished wall...you'll just have to come back and see what it looks like with the furniture in place!

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