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Whew...what a week it's been!  We're moving this weekend (YAY) so I haven't really had time to make anything (boo).  My crafting has severely suffered this past week.  However, my craft planning hasn't!  I have a lot of crafts ideas that I can't wait to try out in our new (much larger) apartment and then share with you, my sweet bloggies.

So, I thought I'd share with you what I've been up to this past week, my great finds and some things I've learned that will hopefully help you out if maybe you're planning a move sometime soon.

I'll be splitting all of it up between a few posts so that I don't completely overload you.

First, and foremost...I got a new area rug!
Remember those boring bachelor pad area rugs I painted?  Well, the one that we put in our living room is almost plain again...the paint has worn off.  However, the one the area with less traffic looks just fine!  Either way, I've been wanting a shag area rug FOREVER!  I love those things!  I know, I know...they remind a lot of people of the 60's and 70's but, I don't want one in puke green and I don't want it all over my floors and walls!  I love the texture and it can have somewhat of a vintage feel with a modern twist...it'll be my modern throwback!  However, they cost more than I would allow myself to spend on a rug.  Wal-Mart was about $60 or $70 and Target was between $75 and $100.  Uhhhh....no, thanks.

So, I turned to Craigslist!  I know there are some folks who have never shopped on Craigslist or just don't trust it.  I'm telling you...DO IT!  My husband and I have bought and sold off of Craigslist many times and we have no complaints.  Though, you want to be wise about what information you give out and your meet up location and those sorts of things.  We always check out the item we are looking to buy in person before purchasing. I never go to a pick up an item by myself, he always comes with me and whenever someone is coming to pick something up from us, he is sure to be home.

Also, feel free to barter a little...but don't be cheap...that's just annoying! :-)  Most people are just ready to get rid of what they are listing and are willing to go down a bit on the cost.  Be sure to check back often for new listings.  People are CONSTANTLY posting new listings, or posting new listings with lower prices.  If you find a great deal, contact the seller right away and let them know you are interested.  If there is not picture in the listing, ask the seller if they have one.

Oh, right...back to my rug!  I found someone selling a 5x8 shag area rug for only $25!  I snagged that baby up in a heartbeat.  Granted, we did have to drive a little further than we would normally be willing to do, but it was an AWESOME price, and we got to have a little 'date day' brunch on the way back home.  Since we aren't moved in yet I haven't put it anywhere but on the corner but, I can't wait to show you how it will look!

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