hanging in there pt 2

So, I shared with you my new favorite thing...my old art turned jewelry hanger using a handkerchief my best friend brought me from Japan here.  I showed you how to make the necklace hanger part, with the cup hooks.  However, I added some wire to the bottom of the hanger for my earrings.  Here's how I did it

What you need:
wire ( I used beading wire from Wal-Mart in the childrens craft isle)
Thumbtacks or staples
Possibly a hammer (depending on how hard your backing is)

What to do:
(Before putting the backing with the hooks in place into the frame)
Cut a piece of wire a little more than three times the length of the backing.

Lay the cut piece of wire on the backing with one end a little past the edge of the backing.

(The next step is basically detailed instructions on how to fold the wire in thirds, twisting each layer to make one larger, twisted wire)

Bend the longer end of the cut wire back on itself, leaving a loop on the end, just past the edge of the backing.
Twist the to part of the wire together.  Do the same again with the longer end of the wire, twisting.

This should leave you with a twisted, thicker wire a little longer than the length of the backing with a loop on either end.

Lay the new thicker, twisted wire in place on the backing.  I chose to put mine at the bottom.  However, I think it would look good on the top as well, as long as the cup hooks were down a little further.

Bend the loops around the backing to secure the wire in place.

Take a thumbtack and fasten the wire to the backing.  Be sure to put the tack of the thumbtack in the loop.

There you have it!  One earring holder on your gorgeous new jewelry hanger!

I do not have too many hanging earrings (yet...now that I have a place to put them, I need more!!) so this one wire was all I needed.  However, I do have some earrings with posts that I would like to find a new way to store.  I am planning on attempting an open back earring holder using this same wire to accommodate my post earrings.  It's still being worked out in my head...but, I'll get that up for you sweet bloggies as soon as it comes to like!

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