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You may have noticed the bright blue square on the right of my site.  It says prayforLuke.com.  If you click on the button it will take you to a blog.  This blog is written by a woman here in Jacksonville who attends our church.
At the end of this past December her five year old son had a seizure while in the car with the family.  He's been in the hospital now for almost two months.  He has been diagnosed with encephalitis and has been through some absolutely rigorous treatments.
His mother, Brandi is keeping an online journal to keep everyone updated on Luke's progress.  Her words are truthful, heart-wrenching and inspiring.
I'm asking all of you who read this, please please say a prayer for little Luke, for his healing and his comfort while undergoing these treatments.  Pray her his mother and father as they watch their little boy in so much pain.  Pray for Luke's little brother, whose prayer is "I pray for my widdle big brother because he is broken".
Also, please consider posting the button on your website or blog.  Little Luke has people praying for him all over the world, please help spread the word about this little boy and his faithful parents to others.
As you can imagine, two months in a hospital has quite the financial repercussions on a family.  Once you are at the site, click on the 'Want to Help' link to find out ways that you can help the family to raise money.  There are bracelets for sale, an applique design, an Ebay auction (buy something or donate an item) and t-shirts for sale.  Please consider helping out this family in any way you can.

Don't forget to grab the button

Pray for Luke

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