My husband and I are only moving across the street.  We're staying in the same apartment complex, just into a larger apartment.  We move in two days and NOTHING is even remotely packed.  However, I made progress with that today.  We didn't want to go buy boxes just to move such a short distance but we needed something to carry over all the little odds and end things.  My sweet husband suggested plastic grocery bags...bless his little heart.  Oh, boys and their thinking.  His next idea was a MUCH better one.

We went to Publix and asked at the Customer Service desk for boxes.  I felt kind of stupid asking but the woman acted as if it was a completely normal thing...which, it may be...just not for me.  They sent another woman with a cart to the back and asked how many I wanted and what size!  WHOA?!  Options?  Sweet!  We got five banana boxes.  The cost?  Absolutely FREE!

The banana boxes have handles on the side and are pretty durable.  So, we can load up a box, lug it over, unload and reuse again.  Perfect!

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