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All righty, I can check one more Pinterest pin off my 'to craft' list.  I love to reuse items I already have...it makes me feel so accomplished in having something new that I didn't have to pay for!

Today I have something that I am so excited to start using.  I love organization (my mom is chucking right now) I'm just not so good at keeping up with it!  I make a lot of lists and write things down.  So, I knew that this would be perfect for me.

One of my favorite parts of this craft is the price tag...absolutely nothing!  Here's how I did it...

What you need:

Collage picture frame
Scrapbook paper

What to do:

My mother-in-law gave us this collage picture frame and I have always liked it.  It was in our bedroom, with some engagment pictures in it.  Though, no one ever saw it.

Take out the backing and pictures

Find some scrapbook paper that you want to use

Cut rectangles of scrapbook paper to fit into the frames.  My frame held eight 4x6 pictures.  So, I cut four rectangles of scrapbook paper.

Next, I added labels to the rectangles, one for each day of the week and one that said 'Our Week'.  I put those rectangles into the frames, put the backs on and there you have it...

I've decided to use this as our menu board.  (Hopefully) I will make a list of our meals for the upcoming week and be able to plan better with ingredients. Maybe I will be making less stops at Winn-Dixie and Wal-Mart on the way home from now on!

This could easily be used as a chore board or weekly appointments board for your family.

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