PI&DI - Simple Shredded Chicken

I have another 'pinned it and did it' story for you!  This one I just couldn't wait to share!  I saw on Pinterest a little while back that you could shred chicken in a Kitchenaid mixer.  I was QUITE skeptical.

However, my womderful hubby spoiled me and bought me a Kitchen aid mixer for Christmas (in the color Pistachio, none the less)!  I had forgotten about the shredded chicken trick until tonight.  The hubby works late on Saturdays and decided he wanted to make chicken quesadilias when he got home this evening.  My job was to cook the chick and cut it up.

I accepted my mission an started cooking the chicken when all of a sudden...DING (that is the light bulb over my head going off)!

I was using breast tenderloins, so I cooked them on the stove and put them directly into the mixer (with the flat paddle attachment).   The site I found said to make sure the chicken is hot so that it is more tender and easier to work with...cold chicken might mess up the mixer and, we can't have that!

I was so nervous that this point.  I truly didn't believe this was going to work and was so worried that I would break my mixer.  I turned the mixer on the lowest setting and nothing sparked or blew up or anything....so, I figured it was safe!  I turned the speed up to 4 and then 6.  I let it mix for about 30 seconds and...

VOILE!  Perfectly shredded chicken!  I was blown away at how well it worked.  I am SO impressed...and fell further in love with my new mixer!  To find the recipe we used for our quesadilias, go here.

I texted my mom a picture of the shredded chicken as soon as it finished so that she could share in my sheer joy.  She makes puled pork BBQ a lot and hand pulls the meat.  I told her she needs to let her Kitchen aid do the work.  I'll have to let you now how well it work on pork.

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