PI&DI - Scarf Hanger

One thing I love is organization...those closest to me might not believe it but, it's true!  I've recently acquired a fondness for scarves as well.

While on Pinterest one day I found this...what an awesome idea!

I had all of the supplies on hand so for me, this solution was FREE!!  Who doesn't love a free project?

All you need is a hanger and some shower curtain rings...

Here's how I did it...

What you need:
Hanger (I used a standard plastic one, a heavy duty wooden one would be best for heavy scarves)
Round Shower Curtain Rings ($1 at Dollar Tree!)

What to do:

Hook the shower curtain rings onto the bottom of the hanger

Fold scarves in half and then bring through rings

Hang and be so impressed with yourself that you can easily get to all of your scarves!

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome thanks for the tutorial! My scarves are hanging on one hanger but I have to take all of them off to get to one on the bottom or the middle.


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