Decorating a Barbie Cake

Now that we have our Barbie cake form made and ready, let's get to decorating! 

I used pink icing (of course) for my cakes.  I used three different tips.  Each cake took me about half an hour to decorate. 

No, I'm not kidding...it's that easy!

Here's how I did it...

What you need:
Icing (I used two tubs per cake)
Icing bags
Icing tips (I used a large star, large angled tip and small round tip...not the proper names but, it's what I call them!)
Couplings (what holds the tip on the bag)

What to do:

We left off last time with a frosted skirt.  Like I said, you can simply do a few decorations and use the frosted skirt as a background.  However, I wanted to do something a little different.

On the first cake I used the angled tip to create ruffles

I did this by holding the bag at an angle with the larger opening of the tip down and squeezing a blob then dragging it a little. 

Pick up the tip and repeat the process at the end of the drag you just made

Repeat this in a straight line over and over until you've reached the desired length of your ruffle.

I wanted to make flowers on part of the skirt and ruffles on part, so I did a triangle of ruffles up the front and back of the skirt.

Now, time to add some flowers!  These roses are my absolute favorite decoration to make with icing.  They are SO incredibly simple and SO impressive.  CLICK HERE FOR A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO MAKE ICING ROSES IN SECONDS.

I ran out of icing to cover the skirt in flowers on the first cake, so I used the angled tip to fill in the extra areas

I think it turned out quite nice!

On the second cake, I covered the entire skirt with icing roses.  I used a few different shades of pink to add some interest.
I made larger roses at the bottom and gradually worked my way up to smaller roses.

Now, my roses are not by any means perfect.  Though, in the end there were so many roses that you couldn't even tell!
I pulled out the wax paper strips and did a thick border around the bottom of the cake.

I used the left over icing to write out the birthday girls name.  On  both cakes I added some pearl sprinkles I found at Wal-Mart in the baking isle.  These added so much to the cakes and really gave them a little bit of pizazz!

Both of the cakes were a smashing hit...and tasted SO good!  They even traveled well!  The first cake took a 20-30 minute drive to work.  The second cake...the tall one, took an hour drive and arrived in one piece!

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