pinned it and did it - pencil vase

My best friend is a teacher and there is no one I like making things for more than my BFF!  I found the perfect idea on Pinterest for a pencil vase and just HAD to whip one up.

This was so incredibly simple to make and really did not take much time at all.  What a great Teacher Appreciation gift, Christmas or even end of the year gift.

My favorite part of the project was the price...under $5!

Here's how I did it..

What you need:

Glass Vase (got mine from the Dollar Tree)
Non Sharpened wooden pencils (my vase took almost 2 boxes of 24)
Hot glue gun and glue
Scrap of ribbon

What to do:
I had some of these glass vases from the Dollar Tree and I knew they would be perfect for this craft

I picked up some pencils when the Back-to-School sales were going on.  Though, they are always available and usually fairly inexpensive.

I cranked up that hot glue gun and put two short lines of glue on my vase.

I then started attaching the pencils to the vase, with the writing facing in.

I just kept on going...all around the vase....all the way around!

I had a few pencils left over and just left those for my best friend...I'm sure she'll use them!

I tied a scrap piece of ribbon around the vase and there you have it....the cutest little teacher gift I've ever seen.


  1. So, so cute for teacher appreciation gifts. I think I'll try to sharpen the pencils and get some height varieties. Do you think that would look good? Love your craft!

  2. That is a good idea, I think it would look really good. My vase was sort of tall, so I couldn't have done that. I have also seen on Pinterest where some people do it with colored pencils...so cute!!


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