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Yesterday I shared with you my new favorite way to ice cupcakes.  Today I will share with you my new favorite way to package and transport those pretty babies.

I also got this idea from Pinterest and it just deepens my love for this sweet little site.

Simply take a clear plastic cup and drop the cupcake in it.  This keeps the cupcake from from tipping over and your beautiful creating from becoming a glob of yumminess.

I was asked by my co-workers 'how do I get it out?' more than once.  Simply turn the cup over and the cupcake will fall out.  The icing will have hardened a bit from being exposed to the air.  So, don't worry this should be a no-mess task!

I put the cupcakes in cups in a cute package also...

What you need:
Small, brown paper bags (I got 500 for $5 at Sam's for our wedding a year ago and am still using them!)
Twine, ribbon, string, yarn
Single hole punch
Decorative edge punch

 What to do:
Determine how many brown paper bags you will need, punch the top edge of the bags with the decorative punch.
Place the cupcakes in cups into the bag and fold down a flap to close the bag.
Wrap a piece of ribbon/string/yarn/twine around the bag from top to bottom and tie a bow to close
If you are attaching tags; punch a hole in the tag and thread it onto the ribbon/string/yarn/twine before tying a bow.


If you do not have a decorative punch, you can still create a beautiful package.  Put the cupcake in a cup into the bag and fold over a flap
Use the single hole punch to punch two holes through all layers of the punch, close to each other.
Thread the ribbon/sting/yarn/twine through thw two holes and tie in a bow

The bag was a little smashed...it was late at night and I was using my phone to take pictures because it was so close by.  I love the way these little treats turned out and especially the packaging.  My co-workers were so impressed and so thankful for their cupcakes.

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