Work Made Fun | Associa Day 2012 Water Bottle Labels

It's been a while!

I've been quite busy with work and I put some new products in my Etsy store and it absolutely took off!  Though, I've not forgot about my first love....you bloggies!

I work for Associa - the Nations Leader in Community Management.  Next Wednesday we are having Associa Day.  Each member company (we have companies all over the continent!) will be holding an even on July 11th to talk about where Associa as a whole would like to be in 2020.

Our little bitty office in Jacksonville is SO incredibly excited for Associa Day.  And, you know me...any reason to make something crafty or throw a party, I'm there!

I made some water bottle labels and wanted to share them on here so that any member company could use them to create custom water bottles for Associa Day 2012!

Simply follow the directions found HERE or HERE (plus, some extra labels) customize your water bottles for Associa Day!

Happy Associa Day!

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