get the picture part 2

I shared with you the new joy in my life that is my living room wall in a previous post.  I love how what I have turned out and I can't wait to add more and more pictures to the wall.

As I told you, I picked up some frames from thrift stores and ran into a few problems.  Two of the frames had no way of displaying or hanging them.  Weird, I know.  I was a wee bit confused as to how the manufacturer intended them to be used.  I also got two large frames that were meant to be hung vertically though, I needed one vertical and one horizontal.  The hanging hardware was a wire.  I grabbed my husbands power drill and solved these problems in a pinch!

For the first two frames, I simply drilled a hole into the back of the frame itself.  I could have attached a hanger of some sort to the back though, why spend more money when I could just drill a hole and be done!

I needed one frame horizontal and one vertical and I was able to make that happen by choosing where I drilled my holes!

The larger frames were an ounce more work...but still nothing to break a sweat over.  The wire on the back was attached to two looped screw thingies.

I unscrewed the two loop screw thingies and then drilled a hole with a TINY drill but where I wanted it to go.  These frames were a little fancy and angled out so, the hold I drilled with in sort of a funny spot...but, it worked!

 I screwed the looped screw thingies into the freshly drilled hole and I was done.  The frames were now all ready to be filled and hung up!

In case you didn't read the post about the finished product, here is a picture of my newly loved on living room wall!

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