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I had this past week off from camp and got a chance to catch up on my magazine reading.  I then realized how badly I needed a pair of cut off jean shorts in my summer wardrobe.  Plus, I'm going to California this weekend to visit my husband and celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.  So...hello?  I'm going on vacation...I need new clothes.

Problem: less than no money in the 'Steph gets new clothes' fund.  Solution: rework some of what I got!

 I've been seeing cute cut off jean shorts (jorts) all summer and knew that I just needed some but the cheapskate in me wouldn't fork over the money for them!  I decided to just make my own.  It was SO simple, required no sewing and cost me absolutely nothing!

First, I got an old pair of jeans, a pair of shorts that I like the length of and sharp scisors

Second, I folded the shorts and jeans the same way and laid the shorts on top of the jeans to measure the length.

I wanted to try a longer length first and so I cut a few inches down from the bottom of my shorts

Here is what they looked like...

Then I rolled up the bottoms...

And tried them on...in an abundance of sunlight...

then decided that as much as I liked them, I wanted them a wee bit shorter.  So, I cut them again...

And once again tried them on.

There you have it...my completely free and oh, so stylish!  I know that is looks as though one leg is longer than the other but I promise, it's just the way I was standing...I had to set my timer and take a picture myself.

I even used the scraps for a little something special...I'll share that little goody with you tomorrow.

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