wedded bliss weekend

Well, my best friend is now a married woman!  Yesterday she married her knight in shining armor at an American/Japanese wedding wonderland.  The wedding weekend started off with a rehearsal dinner (of course) where the bride and grooms family all wore traditional Japanese attire.  The grooms family flew in form Japan and brought with them the gorgeous outfits.  They even had an extra that I got to wear!

Let me tell ya...those Japanese women can really pull those belt thingies TIGHT!  It was like an outside girdle!

After the rehearsal we had a Bar-B-Q dinner and then did a little more decorating, went home and caught some Z's and then came back to the church for the real deal!

The wedding coordinator did such a marvelous job at decorating.  Leslie had told me that her vision was subtle Asian and she really hit the mark!  The church was so simple and pretty and SO Leslie.  The arch was made by hand by her grandpa...how special!

Now, THE DRESS!  My BFF looked absolutely stinking AMAZING in her custom made dress.  Her grandma mad the dress and she did a ridiculously splendid job at it!  There was lace and satin and heart shaped buttons and even a little tag on the inside that said 'Handmade by Grandma"!  Honestly, how much cuter could it get?

I didn't get any pictures of the ceremony...as I was on stage fixing veils and trains and all.  Though, it was gorgeous!  Check out Piccadilly Pictures on Facebook as well as their blog.  Their photographer (my all time favorite) is sure to release some sneak peeks that will make your eyes pop they're so gorgeous!

I did get a sweet shot of Leslie practicing surprise vows to her husband in Japanese.  What a special moment to watch when she declared her love and devotion to him while sharing in his culture.  Talk about bringing some tears to this girls eyes!!

All in all, it was a gorgeous day full of love and laughter.  Such a beautiful wedding with delicious food, too!

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